Michelle Sanger is a Melbourne based contemporary artist who has been exhibiting since 2005, with 6 solo and numerous group shows as Michelle Sanger & previously as Michelle Giacobello.

Michelle is a story-teller, whose work reflects a deep affinity to the natural world and she often uses stones as a motif to frame smaller stories within a work, and to provide a resting place for the eye within a highly patterned piece.

She says:

The shapes of natural river washed rocks are a beautiful window.  You can never see inside a stone, yet a stone can help you to see.

“Stones are such gentle, marvellous things. So permanent yet able to be changed and shaped. One rock can become sand, can be part of a wall, can hold something down or prop something up. They are so varied in shapes and colours, inert but so present, condensed in their shapes and just so beautiful. In holding a stone, feeling it in the palm and meditating on its coolness, smoothness and ribbons of colouration I feel connected with the earth and its gifts, and aware that we are all sand, dust, stars and air. It’s a beautiful, awe-inspiring feeling.”

Often landscape based, but capturing the patterns within it, Michelle focuses on negative spaces or unusual but completely natural colours that have been amplified, sometimes abstracted, but always with patterning. It is her intention that a viewer finds some zen in her works - a quiet space to get a little lost in thought and contemplation.

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